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Time to cover another fantasy position that can make or break your team. Wr’s are crucial in fantasy. Every year it seems like there are guys that breakout, and guys that are huge busts (Braylon Edwards in ’08, still haven’t forgiven him for that). Wide outs are valuable because there are always decent ones on the waiver wire. Like i said in the RB’s preview, these are the rankings as of today, injuries and suspensions can occur which could possibly throw these off. (Note the injuries that have already taken place).

1. Calvin Johnson:


 Not even going to waste my time writing a long explanation for this one. Almost 2,000 yards last year…absolutely absurd. I see nothing but improvements to the Lions O by adding a lineman and Reggie Bush, which means Megatron should pick up right where he left off.

2. AJ Green: AJ had a bit of a scare a couple days ago when he hurt his knee. Luckily for the Bengals and fantasy owners, Dr’s concluded that it was just a bruise. I don’t think that bruise or opposing defenses will be able to slow him down this year, as him and the Red Rider continue to develop together. Green was sensational last year, 1350 yards and 11 TD’s, and with another year of experience for him and his quarterback, I’m predicting he finishes somewhere around 1,500 and 12 tuddys in 2013.

3. Brandon Marshall: Love B-Marsh as a person and a player. But Cutler loves him even more (118 receptions for Brandon last year). There is no question who Cutler is throwing to when he drops back. It doesn’t matter how covered he is, Marshall is getting the rock. Targets are crucial to wide outs in fantasy, which is why i love B-Marsh. Also, first year head coach Marc Trestman loves to air it out, and Marshall has been on record already saying how much the Bears already love this new offense.

4. Dez Bryant:


I just have a good feeling about Dallas’s offense this year. Jerry decided to back Romo by paying him big bills, which i think will ultimately help him play better. Dez is super talented and broke out last year with 1,382 yards and 12 TD’s. When Demarco Murray is healthy the Cowgirls have a very balanced offense, and Jason Witten and Miles Austin keep the double teams at bay for Dez.

5. Juliooooo Jones: 

I waffled over this one for a long time. First i had him at 8, then i moved him to 4, finally i settled here at 5. I just don’t know about taking Julio as a top 5 wideout when he doesn’t even finish number 1 in catches on his team. Roddy White is the safe target for Matty Ice. But Julio is the big play guy. We saw what Julio could really do last year, and this year I think we see it even more. The benefit of Rowdy Roddy White being opposite Julio is it keeps defenses from keying in on Julio. I think Jones gets enough big plays this year to solidify himself as a top 5 fantasy wide out.

6. Andre Johnson: What? This old guy at 6?!? The Natural is still a top 5 WR talent in my opinion, he has just been hurt a lot lately. When healthy, this guy can ball. He was banged up all last year and still was close  to 1,600 yards (only 4 TD’s though). 1 thing he’s been missing his whole career is a legit threat opposite him. I think the Texans have that now in rookie DeAndre Hopkins. Kubiak says Hopkins has been very impressive early on in camp. If Hopkins can prove himself early and take some pressure off Andre, i see a big 2013 for The Natural in my crystal ball.

7. Demaryius Thomas: Be warned, there are a lotttt of hands that could be touching the ball for the Broncos this year. Thomas had a big year last year, but I think the addition of Welker could actually hurt him. The guy eats catches like I eat my grandmother’s lasagna. But I still like Thomas as a top 10 wide out. Peyton Man-thang knows how to get the ball to all of his weapons, and i think DT will still be the priority as the outside deep threat. Any fantasy points that DT loses to Welker in yards, he will make up for in touchdowns.

8. Roddy White: Rowdy’s tuddys were down to the lowest they’ve been since 2008. But he is always a reliable target and still piles up the catches. The falcons offense is poised to have another big year, and Roddy White will be right in the middle of it. I feel like this guy is always a lock for around 1,300 yards. Even if he doesn’t have the huge 2 TD games that Julio sometimes has, he will always provide consistent points week to week for your team. I love consistent players in fantasy.

9. Larry Fitzgerald: 


With a consistent QB, this guys is one of the first 3 WR’s off the board every year. I just couldn’t bring myself to leave such a talent out of the top 10. While an improvement from Skelton, I just don’t know if Carson Palmer is the answer for Larry. But i do think Palmer is experienced and good enough to get Larry back to relevance. I mean all you have to do is lob it up to this guy for christs sake how hard can it be. I think Fitz finds pay dirt 10 times this year.

10. Vincent Jackson: V-Jax is a physical specimen, and has always been a great downfield threat. I like what Tampa Bay did this offseason and i think they can make a playoff push. Doug Martin provides the balance that Josh Freeman needs. Mike Williams is solid opposite Jackson as well. I think V-Jax could have a very good year.

11. Randall Cobb: Almost got to 1,000 yards last year to go along with his 8 touchdowns. I’m high on Cobb as well as Jordy Nelson this year now that Jennings is gone. Jordy Nelson is the more talented downfield threat, and it wouldn’t surprise me if he finished with more fantasy points than Cobb, but i like Cobb’s versatility and the number times Rodgers looks Cobb’s way. Cobb is the safer pick because he works the slot and will get more targets. He is also good for a punt return or 2 every year.

12: Victor Cruz: I would probably put Cruz ahead of Cobb if i didn’t see Cruz complain about his brand new contract. The guy just signed for good money then complains like come on Vic figure it out kid. But I like Cruz’s ability to get fantasy points nonetheless, with a healthy Hakeem Nicks with him, the sky is the limit for the giants passing game. You know Cruz will get catches and yards working the middle of the field, but the question is can he mimic all those big plays he had last year?

13: Jordy Nelson: Like I said before, i’m high on the Green Bay wide outs. Nelson is the best of the bunch when he’s healthy. I have Cobb a couple spots ahead of him, but I really think if Nelson stays healthy he has a shot to have the biggest year. But both should be solid options.

14. Marques Colston: With Sean Payton back, Brees can go back to just playing QB. There used to be a lot of hands reaching in the pot in New Orleans, but the departure of  Meachem last offseason helped Colston have a solid year last year. They throw it a lot, he’s bound to catch a good amount of em.

15. Wes Welker: 


You know he’s going to work the slot and get catches, but there is too much talent on the outside of this Broncos offense for Welker to up around double digit TD’s in my opinion. Peyton will get him the rock, and he will be a solid constant fantasy WR, just not a fantasy stud.

16: Reggie Wayne

17:  Danny Amendola

18: Hakeem Nicks

19: Steve Smith

20: Mike Wallace: (Tanny can throw the long ball…could be a sleeper).

21: Torrey Smith

22: Antonio Brown

23: Eric Decker

24:  Dwyane Bowe

25: James Jones

This was tough, there is so much talent in the 16-25 range. I think any of those guys especially Torrey Smith, Antonio Brown, and Amendola can have great years. There guys outside this top 25 that can easily finish top 15. Guys like Greg Jennings, Desean Jackson (in Chip’s offense), Tavon Austin and Kenny Britt could easily have big years. This year wr’s go deep.

– Steve Butabi

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HDH: July 31st, Clinton Portis


Clinton Portis was without a doubt one of the most versatile RBs of the 2000’s… but luckily for us he was also the greatest interviewer in the history of the NFL.  That is why he is this weeks Hump Day Hero.

Every once in a while Clinton would dress up like it was halloween for his interveiws… Not only did he just dress the part, his personality would morph to fit these characters, it was always a hilarious couple of minutes to watch. Take a look below and check out some of the faces he would bring out to mess with the media.


…and here is a video of him as Dolemite Jenkins (1 of his many alter-egos)

along with Dolomite, there was… Choo Choo, Sheriff Gonna Getcha, Southeast Jerome, Coach Janky Spanky, Dolla Bill, Dr. I Don’t Know, Bro Sweets, Mr. Ruff Ruff and Dr. Do Itch Big…. This full grown (at the time) pro-bowl athlete was coming up with these redonkulous names on the regular, Imagine the names he must come up with for his campus legend in NCAA football?!?!? Kudos to Mr. Portis and his extrodinary sense of humor and ability to just not give a shit of what people think of him.

Keep grinding through your wednesday.. hopefully knowing that its totally chill to play dress up as a 30 year old man will make it easier for you, I know it is for me.

– Throc Morton


Hard Knocks Preview


Apologies pillow talkers, O’leary and myself have been out of town for the past couple days and were unable to get any posts up. Please forgive our absence. We are back in town and back in action today.

Anyway…HBO’s Hard Knocks debuts August 6th. Can’t effin wait. This preview gets me jacked.

Every year Hard Knocks is one of my favorite shows. HBO does an unreal job showing the hardships of training camp through multiple perspectives. Hard Knocks covers the bottom of the roster guys that are grinding hard every day in hopes of making the final cut, the veterans who are relaxed and can coast through training camp, the guys who are in position battles, coaches, and more. It’s very cool to see  how training camp can differ so much from individual to individual.

Hard Knocks has provided some of my favorite quotes and moments in football. Here is a look at just a few of the legendary moments from over the years:

Who can forget Rex’s rant 3 years ago, that he so eloquently closed out with, “Let’s go eat a goddamn snack.”

That shit is gold.

Seeing Joe Philbin address the team, followed by the exact conversation that took place when Ochocinco was cut? That was incredible to see.

By the way, cheers to the greatest Hard Knocks personality of all time, Chad Ochocinco. Everything that came out of his mouth was funny.

What about Cro’ naming his kids?

Hard Knocks has provided some great moments over the years. But what can we look forward to this year? Here are some of the things i’m excited to see:

–  Does the Red Rider really command respect amongst the team? Solid quarterback, but i’d be willing to bet that Andy Dalton gets ripped on here and there in the locker room.

– How will James Harrison adapt to his first training camp under Marvin Lewis?

– I know AJ Green is a filthy talent, but i don’t know much about his personality. I’m pretty pumped to see what he’s like.

– The Bengals have some pretty interesting personalities in Geno Atkins, Vontaze Burfict, Carlos Dunlap, Andrew Hawkins, Pacman Jones, Domata Peko, Reggie Nelson and more. This should make for a pretty entertaining year. Head Coach Marvin Lewis isn’t the most entertaining guy in the world, but it is always cool to see how coaches run things.

– Aside from all of that, it is always cool to see the daily grind that these players go through. Getting an inside look at these players battling in the grueling hate day in and day out really makes me respect them even more. I went through training camp in high school and it was the worst week of the year, every year. These guys do the same thing but for weeks at a time. It really makes people realize that it’s not all fun and games for these pro athletes. Yeah they’re getting paid unreal amounts of money, but it’s not like they don’t work for it. Hard Knocks is a great way to see how these guys really earn their paychecks.


– Steve Butabi


TBT: July 25th, Gerry McNamara


As soon as G-Mac stepped on the Cuse campus, he was an impact player. He started every game as a freshman and averaged 13 points, 4.6 dimes, and 2.2 steals per game for a team that went on to win the national championship. Everyone remembers Melo obviously, and Hakim Warrick (“the block”), but people forget that McNamara was a valuable contributor as a freshman.    As a sophomore G-Mac did not slow down. He averaged 17.2 points per game, was a Wooden and Naismith award candidate, and finished 2nd team all Big East. He hit a school record 9 trey balls and finished with 43 against BYU in the first round of the tourney that year.

NBA range, step backs, off a feed, off the bounce…it didn’t matter where it was coming from, Gerry was splashing it home.

Junior year G-Mac led the Orange to another solid year, he averaged 15.8 and helped Cuse get the Big East tournament championship. But it was McNamara’s senior year that made him such a boss. After a disappointing year, Cuse was below .500 and had no shot at making the tournament unless they made a miraculous run in the Big East tourny. He was voted the “Most overrated player in the conference” just before the tourny began. Syracuse’s own school newspaper called him overrated. With a bad leg, G-Mac led Cuse past cincy in the first round, and then hit a 3 in the final seconds of the game to force OT against #1 in the country UCONN. Cuse ended up winning that game to set up a battle with rival Georgetown. G-Mac hit 5 three’s in the second half and got a game-clinching steal in the final seconds of the game to put Cuse in the championship. Fittingly, McNamara led them to a win in the Big East championship over Pitt. After the win G-Mac goes: “Wait….overrated??”

2006 Big East Tournament Highlights:

I was at that championship game and let me tell you…watching this guy play was special. The Eminem look-alike was one of those players that you knew never held anything back. You could tell this guy cared about winning and winning only. Today he is back at Syracuse as an assistant coach.

-Steve Butabi

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Fantasy football is one of my favorite things in the world. During the fall semester I spend significantly more time editing my lineup, scavenging the waiver wire, and scouting trades, than i do on school work. Throc Morton hit you with the QB’s preview a couple days back, now it’s Butabi here previewing the RB’s. Over the next couple of weeks we’re going to cover every fantasy postion including kickers, and we’re also bringing in fantasy football guru Andrew Baldinger to do an overall preview post, so if you’re looking for fantasy advice…look no further then Press Box Pillow Talk.

These are my rankings heading into camp. The NFL season is obviously barely out of the womb, so things like injuries and suspensions can still take place and change things up.

1. Adrian Peterson:


The Wolverine. AD is a machine. Now we know why his dad nicknamed him “All Day.” Coming back from a complete ACL tear as a RB is no joke, and the guy was what, 9 yards away from the single season rushing record? Scary. Offensively Harvin is gone, Ponder will have his ups and downs. I don’t think much will change with this offense. Name of the game will be feed the beast…”All Day.”

2. Arian Foster: The undrafted running back had 1411 yards and 15 td’s last year. Biggest plus about this guy is that he plays in a balanced offense that can pound the rock and also go up top with Schaub and Andre Johnson. Defenses can’t stack the box against him. Foster thrives in the zone blocking scheme that Houston implemented a couple years ago. Don’t see him slowing down this year.

3. Marshawn Lynch:


Beast Mode may have poor grammar, but I think he’s a smart guy. Why you ask? Because he got the hell out of Buffalo and ran as far away as he could, and he’s been nice ever since. With 1590 yards and 11 td’s last year, Lynch impressed. The addition of versatile Percy Harvin should help him out even more, forcing opposing defenses to key in on more then just Lynch.  With some solid weapons, Russel Wilson will be at the helm of a dangerous offense, but it starts with Marshawn Lynch.

4. Jamaal Charles: Charles is a yardage monster. A smaller back with olympic speed, Charles is a threat to find paint from anywhere on the field. Traditionally though, he doesn’t score many touchdowns, (only 5 last year). But I think that changes with Andy Reid in town. Although Andy loves to toss the rock, he also utilizes his backs in many ways. Charles is versatile and can catch the ball out of the backfield very well. I think Andy Reid will find ways to get Charles in the open field, where he’ll do the rest.

5. Doug Martin: Last year Muscle Hamster pulled up to the scene with his ceiling missing. Highlighted by his 51 fantasy point week in week 9 against Oakland, Martin had an unbelievable rookie campaign. I’m a guy who’s cautios of the sophomore slump, especially now that defenses will be keying on him. But i think with Freeman and company Tampa should have enough to keep the pressure off the second year stud. Look for Martin to have another big year.

6. LeSean McCoy: The offense was bad, he was hurt, the team gave up…last year was just a mess. Shady went from 17 td’s in 2011 to 2 td’s last year. But i think LeSean bounces back with a big year in 2013. A lot has been made of Chip Kelly’s offense translating into the NFL. One thing i know is true is that other than 2 triple option teams, Kelly’s Oregon teams have been the best rushing teams in the country the last couple of years. RB’s are the biggest beneficiaries of the read-option. There are safer choices out there and this may be a risk  seeing as we don’t know if Kelly will be able to work that same magic at this level, but I’m willing to take that risk. I think McCoy will benefit in a big way.

7. Ray Rice: I thought about this one for a while. I’m pretty down on the Ravens as a team this upcoming year coming off of their miracle run to the Superbowl. Ray Ray however is the one guy who can be relied on to give consistently solid fantasy points. I mean with Boldin gone…who else is going to score the touchdowns? It’s really only Ray Rice and Torrey Smith over there in Baltimore, to go along with a good but unbelievably overpaid Flacco. And Bernard Pierce has been starting to get more and more carries as well.

8. Matt Forte: His numbers were down last year, but Forte is talented enough to bounce back. I think Forte is a lot like McCoy, in terms of their head coaches bringing new offenses to the team. Marc Trestman has been coaching the last couple of years in the CFL for the always dangerous Montreal Alouettes. But he does have a lot of NFL and NCAA experience prior to that. He has been called an offensive genius, and has stated that he will incorporate a little bit of the read-option, which we all know does wonders for running backs.

9. CJ Spiller:


Spiller finally broke out in 2012. It looks like he finally has overtaken Fred Jackson for the lead man in Buffalo. For me it’s all about carries with CJ. I think he’s a top 7 RB in the league in terms of pure talent. He can hit the homerun on any play, grind out tough yards, and catch the ball out of the backfield. Look for him to improve on his 1244 rushing yards and and 6 td’s from last year.

10. Trent Richardson: Trent had a solid rookie year. He didn’t get to 1000 yards, but his 11 td’s was big. I think he will be up around the same amount of td’s this year, but his yards will improve. I don’t like the browns offense what so ever, teams will load the box on him but…the Browns have no one else to give the ball to so Trent will get unreal carries.

11. Steven Jackson: Jax is not done yet. He’ll be in a balanced offense that will score a lot of touchdowns, even if he’s not the focal point, he will be in the endzone a lot.

12. Alfred Morris: Don’t think the Skins will run quite as much read-option, we have yet to see if he is truly an efficient RB in a non read-option offense. He’s still a solid fantasy back in my opnion, just not top 10.

13. Frank Gore: Another beneficiary of the read-option, I think Frank Gore can have another solid year. There are a lot of RB’s in San Fran and i think his carries will be down, but not down enough to keep him from being an effective fantasy back.

14. Steven Ridley: Brady’s weapons are no where to be found. Ridley was solid last year and I think NE goes to the run even more this year.

15. Demarco Murray: He has been injured for the majority of his career, but we have seen that when he’s healthy…he’s good. I think the cowboys will put up numbers this year, and he will be a big part of it.


16. Chris Johnson 17. Reggie Bush 18. MJD 19. Darren McFadden 20. Ryan Matthews 21. Montee Ball 22. Darren Sproles 23. Chris Ivory 24. David Wilson 25. Lamar Miller.

Let the games begin

– Steve Butabi


SURVEILLANCE Video could clear Carlos Hyde?


Details are now coming out saying that Ohio State RB Carlos Hyde was wrongly identified in the scuffle that got him dismissed from the team. Reports that came out earlier were actually false, Hyde was never kicked off the team, rather suspended indefinitely. Thanks to a video surveillance tape, it looks like Hyde is on his way to proving his innocence.

Big break for Ohio State. In a post two days ago i ripped into Hyde for the awful actions that took place. If this surveillance does prove Hyde’s innocence, I will be the first one to admit my wrongdoing, and I will take back the negative things that I wrote. While nothing is proven yet, it definitely looks like Hyde will be cleared and back in action. Bradley Roby, the All-American CB’s situation is also still being looked at.

– Steve Butabi


Hump Day Heroes: July 24th, John McEnroe


Federer, Nadal, Agassi, Sampras… the list of tennis greats can go on, but one man stands a top of his own list, the lists of tennis legends.  Johnny Mac was by far one of the funniest athletes ever to play a sport, he argued every single call that didn’t go his way.. usually while he had a ferocious afro-type thing on his head.

ImageMcEnroe was of the worst/best temper-tantrum throwers ever to step foot on any type of court. Check out this video of J-Mac ripping into a ref for a questionable out call..

and here is an epic compilation of the greatest referee-ripper of all time..

Johnny let his emotions hang on his sleeve, and that is why so many fans loved to watch him swing. If I could compare him to any NBA player it would probably be a mix of Ron Artest (not MWP) and Magic Johnson. Magic because he was unbelievably talented and Artest because he was as big of a wildcard as you can get, I mean the guy had a shorter fuse than Bob Knight… Johnny Mac is a LEGEND, and was definitely one of the most entertaining athletes of all time… and lets not forget his amazing cameo in Mr. Deeds.

Go take on the rest of your wednesday, just like McEnroe would… balls out and by the horns.

– Throc Morton


NFL players, poppin Addys and sweatin… over their suspensions


Von Miller, one of the leagues best overall players, is being faced with a suspension for violating the leagues substance policy. Rumors have been circulating saying that it is most likely the common ADD drug, Adderall, that Miller was using.  Miller has come out and completely denied this accusations, see what he tweeted recently…

Screen shot 2013-07-23 at 10.05.32 PM

If Von serves a suspension, he will not be the first to do so… check out a few current players who have been caught getting their (unprescribed) “study” on.

Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner, Seattle

Will Hill (for like the 9th time now) (whaddddup Jersey!), Giants

Aqib Talib and Jermaine Cunningham, Patriots

Eric Wright, Bucs

Apparently its pretty popular, according to the loudmouth of all loudmouths, Richard Sherman, “Half the league takes Adderall”… Now I highly doubt half the NFL is taking this study drug, but this brings up an interesting point. Playbooks. If any of you have ever played football at any level you know that playbooks can be a bitch. Now imagine being in the NFL, having Peyton manning yelling something along the lines of “Zebra 8 X-drive hard Tennesse switch” and having to know exactly what the hell Tennesse switch means compared to “alabama shakes” or whatever teams are coming up with now a days.  Lets face some facts, a lot of these guys weren’t stellar students; have you ever stopped to think that maybe they need all the help they can get learning their playbooks? After all, it is their job.

Could they be using it for on field performance? probably… Adderall enhances focus, which would help quite a bit as an NFL player, I mean look at this pic of Aqib Talib, dude is locked the hell in. Looks like he wandered down to University of Tampa saturday night and got himself a couple 30s. (go tars btw)


On the other hand, this could also be their substitute for the white stuff, you know, the tony montana stuff. So at the end of the day they could just be using these lil guys to get their extra 3 hours clubbin. Who really knows, all I know is that NFL players are SUPERSTARS, how hard can it be to get classified and get a prescription?!?!? I mean former Nebraska stud and former Carolina Panther, Jason Peter, wrote a whole novel on how easy it was for him to get prescribed Oxy’s and Morphine, all he had to do was sign a couple t-shirts. Ask any kid with a prescription at your school how long it took him to get that, he will tell you it was a joke, all you have to do is show up, because that is all I had to do. Honestly the doctor had me draw a couple friggen circles and spell a couple words backwards. Like Richard Sherman, you just had one of the greatest statistical seasons a DB has ever had, go call a doctor and get your ass prescribed. (Don’t get me wrong I believe ADD an ADHD are real, I just think its easier to get than a STD at arizona state, zing!)

The bottom line is this… if you want the focus drug so much, tell the NFL your filing for a prescription, and go get a prescription… sadly, it is that easy.

– Throc Morton



Ryan Braun has been suspended without pay for the rest of the season. “I’m not perfect. I realize now that i have made some mistakes.” Oh nowwww you’ve realized okay.

This guy has Lance Armstrong written all over him…ultimate weasel. The thing is, in my opinion it’s not even a huge deal that he took steroids or HGH. Obviously it’s not the right thing to do, but if you’re going to tell me that steroids are not still prevalent in the sport of baseball, you’re a fool. I don’t think I can name 1 player in the MLB that i can say i believe 100% has never taken anything. Actually I take that back there is 1…the biracial angel, greatest New York athlete ever, DJK3, Derek Jeter, but thats beside the point. But honestly steroids, HGH, any ped’s really, are still a massive problem. The fact that the media and the MLB thinks that they “Cleaned up baseball” is comical. That “Steroid Era” that the MLB supposedly graduated from, is actually healthier than ever. Guys will always just find different drugs and different ways to take them.

This vid shows some uncanny pics

So Braun taking steroids…whatever. Braun denying the way he did and attacking people that accused him…classless. This guy was so adamant in his argument, he almost had me believing him. Between his charismatic arguments, and the way people came out and defended him, i actually believed there was a chance…just a chance…that he was clean. I mean Aaron Rodgers, a good friend of Braun’s, put his reputation on the line by throwing out aggressive tweets in Braun’s defense. So my thinking was there is no way Rodgers would do this if he hadn’t already talked to Braun and made sure his buddy was clean. Likewise, there is no way Braun would lie to his good friend, and let Rodgers throw out all these aggressive tweets in his defense, when he was actually juicin’ this whole time. So i guess Braun stone cold lied even to his close friends and teammates, because they all seem to have been blindsided by this.

Check out Rodgers tweets…


MLB and cable sports tried to sully the reputation of an innocent man. Picked the wrong guy to mess with. Truth will set u free #exonerated

— Aaron Rodgers (@AaronRodgers12) February 23, 2012

There was also one in which Rodgers said…”I’d put my salary next year on it.”

The best part of this whole thing is that Braun never even failed an official MLB drug test. Based off his connection to Tony Bosch and the biogenesis lab the MLB thought the evidence was overwhelming. I think that’s great…this guy is denying so unbelievably hard, never actually even fails a drug test, but the MLB suspends him so he just gives up and apologizes with his thumb up his ass, classic.

Honestly I love the Yanks, I like baseball, but to me this is whatever. It’s Braun today, it will be A-Rod by the end of the week, and it will be another 1 soon after. Just another rat running around in the sewer that is the MLB.

– Steve Butabi


Fantasy Preview: QBs


Last year in the NFL, numerous QBs where throwing up numbers left and right. Brees broke records, 3 QBs carried the ball (give or take) 100 times, and first and second year starters lit up the league.  This is going to be a wild year at the QB position as well, take a peek and see who we think you should have higher up on your big board.

1-5 (Superstars)

1. Drew Brees


I don’t think you can really go against him as number 1.  Don’t expect him to drop another 5k plus season with close to 45 TDs to go with it, but Drew is going to throw up big numbers, like he has done year after year. It would be no-risk, very-high reward to take him early and as the first QB in the draft.

2. Peyton Manning – with the addition of Tom Brady’s long time safety blanket, Welker, Peyton is even more dangerous. He has 4 serious threats to throw to on every down, his numbers should increase a significant amount.  This is a no-brainer, but take Mr. Manning if you have the opportunity.

3. Aaron Rodgers – Discount Double Check is just as talented as the two QBs ranked ahead of him, dont get it twisted, he is as elite as you get in this league. He dropped 39 TDs to go along with only 8 INTs, those are some promising ass numbers. Rodgers is another one who you can afford to take early and get exactly what you want out of him, if not more.

4. Tom Brady – he did lose two BIG weapons, but this isn’t Tom Terrific’s first rodeo.  He finished 2nd in overall points last year, and will more than likely be back in the top 5 area this year.  Tom gets it done, and he will do just that.  A lot of fans love taking Tom as high as top 3, so if you love him, be aware that you might have to give up big name RBs.

5. Cam Newton – Cam obviously brings something different to the table.. a 700+ yard rushing season in both of his years in the league. His passing stats went down last year, so look for that to jump back up. Cam is a player that you can ride to the playoffs, and can also single handedly win you multiple weeks when other players don’t perform.

Image6-12 (Solid Ass Starters)

6. Matt Ryan – Matty Ice has been very very good as an NFL starter, and with his #1 wide receiver combination on the outside, mixed with Tony G, and an always solid run game, he will put up huge #s. Matt Ryan is someone I would take a risk on if you think he is jumping off the board soon.

7. Andrew Luck – dropped some big numbers last year, and I don’t see a reason why one of the most promising young players in the game can’t improve. Don’t be afraid of having a second year QB as your guy, Luck won’t disappoint this year. As a matter of fact, he might very well make a case for being an “elite”.

8. Tony Romo – to everyones surprise, Tony was a statistical beast last year, ending up less than 100 yards shy of a 5k season. He probably wont do that again, but Romo is a reliable starter when it comes to fantasy football, real life football is a different story.

9. Robert Griffin III – 826 yards rushing last year, 3200 passing yards and 27 total TDs.  Bobby Griff was a big success in the league last year.  The ACL tear will probably duck his rushing attempts quite a bit, but it might just boost his passing game that much. RG3 is fun to watch, and this year he will be fun to have.

10. Matthew Stafford


it is no secret that Stafford is a monster at putting up numbers, he was also very close to a 5k season last year. Although INTs keep stafford down from being an elite fantasy QB, his rocket arm and Megatron are enough reasons to have Stafford as your starter.

11. Eli Manning – his numbers never really jump off the page, but he is pretty solid as a fantasy player. In a 12 man league, Eli is an ideal mid round quarterback pick.

12. Russell Wilson – what a stud last year, breaking the rookie-record for TDs, and throwing up backup RB numbers running the rock. Russ should be on your list of intriguing players, and definitely worth some research into being your QB.

13-25 (Weekend Warriors)

13. Colin Kaepernick 14. Joe Flacco 15. Andy Dalton 16. Josh Freeman 17. Sam Bradford 18. Matt Schaub 19. Ben Roethlisberger 20. Philip Rivers 21. Jay Cutler 22. Alex Smith 23. Carson Palmer 24. Ryan Tannehill 25. Brandon Weeden

– Throc Morton