TBT: June 12th, Vladimir Guerrero


9 time All Star… 2004 AL MVP… Career AVG .319… 449 total HRs…

No debating those statistics, Vlad was a beast in the batters box, but that isn’t why he is a legend of the MLB. Lets start with his HOSE/CANNON/FROZEN ROPE he had on him. The man could throw a baseball from the left field wall to the stands in right field, thats almost 400 yards. Nothing gets me more jacked up (while watching baseball that is)  than watching someone just unleash a screamer and get someone out at home. Check this video of a relatively young Vlad just toying on baserunners..

Can’t even begin to count how many times he has made baserunners look foolish in his 16 year career. Vlad was probably more famous for his knack of swinging at literally anything. He had the biggest strikezone in MLB history. He would reach for absoultely anything because he thought if he made contact, it was baaaack-back-back-back-back-back. I mean he has hit balls off the dirt before, no lie…

Baseball doesn’t make em like this anymore, one of the most explosive ever to do it. Click play on this tribute and light up a smile for the best bad ball hitter of all time. Vladimir Guerrero, people.

– Throc Morton


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