Falcons Hard Knocks Preview


So it looks like I was off when I said most teams would deny HBO’s offer to film as long as they were able to… well fortunately I was wrong with that prediction because the Falcons should be an awesome Hard Knocks team. I’m still a little butthurt we wont get to see Jay Cutler and Jared Allen just be really cool people, but the Falcons have the ammo to make for a top notch season. Why is that you ask? Let’s get into it..

Julio Jones. He was on pace for a monster season last year before he got injured with a foot injury. It will be awesome to see how he bounces back and how hard he works to get back to the top tier level. I think we could be looking at what AJ Green was to Knocks last season, but with a little more swagger. What intrigues me more is his parter in crime, Roddy White. Not so long ago Roddy was considered a top 5 reciever in the league, hands down. Unfortunately for Roddy injuries have also slowed him down, but one thing has remained constant, the dude can run his mouth. He is known for being a physical reciever who has no problem getting in your face after the play. I can’t wait to see him get into a scuffle with some rookie DB trying to make it in the league. Needless to say, the once unstoppable WR tandem has a whole lot to prove this year, and it all starts in camp.


Matty Ice. You just know HBO is going to do a great job making us all love Matt Ryan a little more than we already do. I have a feeling the whole team looks up to him as a god even though they havent won a big one in a while. We all know hes a good guy who has proved he can will ball games, but I wanna know more about his personal life, looking forward to seeing him playing cornhole in his backyard or something cliche. (PS: his wife’s name is sarah marshall, you know HBO is gonna get a crack in there at some point).

Luckily for the viewers, Roddy White isnt the only one on the roster known for being outspoken… Asante Samuel and Osi Umenyiora both do their fair share of sub-tweeting off the field, and shoving on it. Asante has never gone a day in his life without asking for a new contract or bashing his current team for not wanting him enough, so that will be interesting to watch, and Osi sure as hell isnt camera shy, these two will not disappoint.


Steven Jackson and Devin Hester. In the past decade, it’s hard to find two more respected men when it comes to game planning for them. Unfortunately for us they are both on their way out, but I’m sure HBO will get some cool segments dedicated to how good they once where and how they still show signs of greatness. Who knows, maybe we will see the return of one of them first hand.

A couple other individuals who will make for solid TV… Jake Matthews (6th overall pick), Jacquizz Rodgers (shifty lil guy), Arthur Blank (the owner is heavily involved with the organization), and the TE crew (who’s gonna fill in for big Tony?). This time last year the Falcons were a very popular candidate for NFC champ, boy did they take a fall, we get the oppurtunity to see a team try to bounce back to the top. Not exactly sure what we are in store for besides the names I mentioned, but at the end of the day we will see some good football, and HBO will do an excellent job. I’m excited to see the Dirty Birds open up camp, you should be too. Peep the Dirty Bird below…


-Throc Morton

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