NBA Draft Preview (top 3)


Obviously it is no secret that the top 3 players in this years NBA Draft are Joel Embiid, Jabari Parker, and Andrew Wiggins. Now is there a possibilty that something happens and a different name jumps up into the top 3? Yes, its the NBA, crazy shit happens often. If I was a betting man I would say that the three young men I mentioned earlier will be the first three names called in a few weeks. The reason I am writing about this is because very recently a report has came out that the Cavaliers were “BLOWN” away by Joel Embiid’s workout the other day, and that they are pretty set on who they are taking with the first overall pick. So with that being said, let’s take a look on how I think it goes down (which is pretty much how every mock draft has it going down as of now.)

1. Cleveland – Joel Embiid – first things first, absolutely absurd that the Cavs got the first pick again. I think the Lottery is a cool idea and all, but if they get near the top 5 again next year something has gotta change. Anyway… When the lottery came out the immediate consensus was that Wiggins would go in this spot, either if the Cavs took him or someone like the Sixers traded up using some sort of combination between the #3 pick, #10 pick, and Thad Young. After Embiid has silenced most the talk about his back being a serious red flag, I think unless the Cavs get an unreal trade offer they take the 7 footer and they fill a much needed spot on their roster. He is huge, relatively solid, can block the dickins out of shots, and can actually shoot the ball better than you think. Embiid. 1st pick. Done.

2. Milwaukee – Jabari Parker – all the experts agree that he is the safest and most sure thing when it comes to the top 3. Hell, the way he can contribute to an offense he might be the most sure thing in a loooong time. The simple reason for the Bucks taking Parker here is that he is already as polished as they come out of college. He will score for them the second he gets there, and he probably becomes the go to guy early into the season. My partner in crime, Steve Butabi, thinks Parker is head and shoulders above Wiggins, and no matter if I agree or not, I think he has a solid point because the NBA is an offensive driven league and Parker is instant offense. Kid should be very fun to watch over the years. Bucks can’t go wrong here.

3. Philadelphia – Andrew Wiggins – draft day, A Wiggins, bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep we stay winning. This works out perfectly for the Sixers. A lot of talk has been focused around Philly trading rising star Thad Young in combination with this pick to get up to Cleveland’s spot, but thanks to Joel Embiid’s physical therapist its looking like the Sixers can sit tight and get what they want, while also keeping their 10th overall pick. Wiggins has been Philly’s eye candy for a while now. It is no secret that they need a shooter, but with the 10th pick in their back pocket and a loaded draft of SG’s, they can afford to take an “all-around” guy. Wiggins is also great for them because the Sixers have cap space out the ass, and are going to try and land at least one big name this offseason. Unlike Parker, Wiggins isn’t going to be Philly’s first or second offensive option, therefore creating more appeal for a scorer to come over in FA. He might be a bit more of a “project”, but he has an extraordinarily high ceiling and thats what GMs like to hear. Perfect piece to the puzzle they are putting together in Philly.

PLENTY of other big names in this years NBA draft, deeper than the marianas trench some might say… But these three are once in a decade type players and that is why they go 1, 2, 3. The Cavs and Sixers are both frequent names on the hot-list of teams to land superstars such as Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony and so on… So once the draft takes place, the NBA free agency circus should be wild. Can’t wait.

– Throc Morton

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  1. IceBerg Slim says:

    PBPT reminds me of those blogs girls put up when they go study abroad and think everyone keeps up with as they try to “take on the world”

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