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HDH: September 11th, Pat Tillman

pat tillmanthis week we are doing HDH a tiny bit differently… we are honoring and celebrating the life of an American hero that I’m sure all of you are very familiar with, Pat Tillman.  When Pat was still living he very much had the qualities to be a traditional Hump Day Hero… the guy flew around the field, talking shit to everyone while taking no shit from anyone, not to mention his ability to drop Larry David-esque F-bombs mid game. But on this wednesday we remember the tragic events that happened 12 years ago today, and we honor them with a stand-up, class-act, HERO. Most people that know Pat’s story only know about the tragedy that happened to him while serving overseas, but before that all happened he was one hell of a Safety. Take a peek at this pretty awesome tribute video…

Steve and I started doing HDH’s in attempt to make our readers laugh and smile on the hardest day of the week… Well even if Pat’s story makes you sad, you should smile and knowing that we live among people as good as Pat.  Whether you are currently in class, at the office, or on your couch, remember how much Pat lived his life to the fullest, and let that inspire you to beat this hump day and do big things.. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m damn proud to be an American, and thanks to Pat, my hump day just got much easier.


– Throc Morton


Johnny Football on Thin Ice, NCAA IS A JOKE


There’s a lot going on in the sports world today. I figured you all are getting enough A-Rod coverage on every other media outlet in the entire world. There is also the news of Riley Cooper coming back to camp, which i think is getting old as well. He was drunk at a concert and dropped an N bomb…big deal. Dante Stallworth murdered somebody driving drunk, Vick killed who knows how many dogs, Pacman Jones recently tagged a woman in the face (among several other things), and all are thriving in the league right now. That Cooper video is a locker room problem…not something ESPN should be talking about 24/7.

But instead I chose to write about a guy i’ve defended all along, Johnny Manziel. There are 2 reasons why i chose to write about Johnny Football. The first reason is maybe I’ve been wrong about this guy all along. For the past 8 months i’ve had Manziel pegged as a good kid who’s an unbelievable talent and gets a bad rep because he likes to party. But an East Coast autograph broker has come out and told ESPN that Manziel has been paid $7,500 cash for this autograph signing. There are videos of this autograph signing that have not been released, but have been viewed by ESPN’s Joe Schad. The broker told ESPN that Manziel said he was doing this autograph signing because he wanted new rims for his car.

Before i delve deep into this topic, I want to make sure everyone knows that none of this has been proven yet, so when i go off here, i’m speaking as if this is true. I still love Johnny Football and will not change my opinion on him until this is officially true and he is suspended by the NCAA.


SO…If indeed true, this is unreal. First of all, we are all aware that Manziel comes from a wealthy family who has old Texas oil money. It’s not like he comes from poverty and needs to do this signing in order to stay afloat. In addition, this guy is a year out (assuming he declares) from being a first round NFL draft pick. Johnny buddy, just stay out of trouble for 1 year and forget the rims, you’ll be able to buy a full new car, and whatever else you want for that matter. I just don’t understand why he would jeopardize his whole season, and entire college football legacy for $7,500. Once again IF he does get suspended, I think it will go down as one of the dumbest mistakes in college football history, especially coming off of an unbelievable Heisman campaign.  Another aspect is what it does to his team. This move is a blatant example of a guy putting himself before his team. He not only risked his season when he took that money, but he put his team in an awful position. Now they have to deal with the media circus surrounding him, and also if he does get suspended, he puts them in a deep deep hole. Alabama is early on the schedule folks, and they want revenge. If Manziel isn’t on the field, that game could get ugly. With Manziel A&M is a national title contender.

But there’s a whole different aspect to this dilemma that needs to be addressed. It’s the thought that Texas A&M can sit there and ride the title wave that is Johnny Football, all the way to a new addition to the stadium, among other things. Why should Texas A&M be able to reap all the benefits, but the athlete himself can’t make a dime? It’s one of the stupidest rules in the world. The Ohio State book store can sell and profit off of #2 jerseys because it doesn’t technically have Pryor’s name on it, but as soon as Pryor tries make a couple hundred bucks, he’s hammered by the NCAA. Nike, Adidas and Under Armour can sell replica jerseys of current NCAA players, but because there is no name on the back, they can collect all the coin. When i bought a Michigan #16 jersey, i wasn’t buying a random Michigan #16 jersey, i was buying a Denard Robinson jersey. But it doesn’t have his name on the back, so Adidas gets all of that money. These companies are blatantly profiting off of these college athletes because of this ridiculous rule. One classic argument is, “Well athletes get to go to school for free.” Hmmmm really? So A&M enjoyed millions of dollars in revenue last season and going into this season, but the school is paying for Manziel’s $21,000 a year in-state tuition so it’s all even? Johnny Football gets the same amount of compensation as the last QB on the roster, that’s fair? It’s like factory owner’s making money off of the products that their employee’s make, but not paying their employees a cent. Frankly, it’s unconstitutional. I’m not saying that the NCAA should necessarily pay athletes, i’m just saying that the fact that schools, the NCAA, sportswear companies, and everyone can profit off of a young college kid’s name, but the kid can’t make a dime off of the hard work he’s put in… is an absolute crime.

Rules are rules however. No matter how dumb and absurd this rule is, it is still a rule, and Manziel apparently broke it. I am not saying that he didn’t do anything wrong here.


If everything holds true, Johnny Football will be suspended for accepting $7,500 worth of compensation for autographs. Texas A&M has made millions of dollars off of Manziel, and I guarantee there are hundreds of people out there who have made more than $7,500 off of manziel in 1 way or another. But nope, Johnny Football will lose at least part, and possibly all of his sophomore season because he’s not allowed to make money off of his own hard work and performance on the football field. Makes me sick.

Down with the NCAA.

– Steve Butabi


SURVEILLANCE Video could clear Carlos Hyde?


Details are now coming out saying that Ohio State RB Carlos Hyde was wrongly identified in the scuffle that got him dismissed from the team. Reports that came out earlier were actually false, Hyde was never kicked off the team, rather suspended indefinitely. Thanks to a video surveillance tape, it looks like Hyde is on his way to proving his innocence.

Big break for Ohio State. In a post two days ago i ripped into Hyde for the awful actions that took place. If this surveillance does prove Hyde’s innocence, I will be the first one to admit my wrongdoing, and I will take back the negative things that I wrote. While nothing is proven yet, it definitely looks like Hyde will be cleared and back in action. Bradley Roby, the All-American CB’s situation is also still being looked at.

– Steve Butabi


Ohio State is Having a Worse Monday than You


There is a lot of hype surrounding the Buckeyes coming off of an undefeated regular season in the first year of the Urban Meyer regime. With most of the offense coming back, Ohio State fans are looking forward to having a shot at getting back to the title game. Among the key offensive returners are Heisman hopeful QB Braxton Miller, RB Carlos Hyde, and WR Devin Smith, along with most of the offensive line. Ohio State loses 6 starters from last years front 7, and even though a program like Ohio State always has talent to reload, this year the offense looks like it will be relied upon.

That makes the loss of Carlos Hyde carry even more weight. Hyde has not been arrested for anything, causing a lot of rumors to fly around right now. He was however in the police report that was filed. Right now there are a lot of tweets going around reporting that the 240 lb running back hit a woman.


So that’s the rumor right now. A guy that many people believe to be the best running back in college football punched a cop’s daughter in the face. Yikes. Talk about a bad move. Like what could this girl, (daughter of a cop or not), possibly have done that was so bad to make you pull back and tag her. Well i hope this jabroni thinks it was worth it, cause it cost him his senior season.

Hyde was great, a physical “set the tone” type of runner at 6’0 242 lbs, but I think Urban Meyer and Braxton Miller will insert the next man, and be just fine on offense. They have 2 backup rb’s that are both over 6 foot and 220 lb’s. A possible even bigger loss for the Buckeyes would be if Bradley Roby, the All-American cornerback, ends up being kicked off as well. Roby was at a bar in downtown Columbus and refused to leave after a scuffle. After the bouncers decided he was too much to handle, they handed him over to the police. Now Roby is facing battery resulting in bodily injury charges.


Roby is coming off an All-American season, with 17 pass break-ups, and 2 picks. He waffled over whether he should leave early for the NFL or stay in school, ultimately deciding to stay at OSU. This would be a huge loss for the Buckeyes. Roby is the rock of the secondary, and with so much of the defense gone from last year, he is set to be the leader. Ohio State needs him to anchor that defensive backfield. Right now Meyer and his coaching staff are analyzing the incident and are making a decision on his future at Ohio State. My prediction is that Roby will get a slap on the wrist, maybe a short suspension, but ultimately will be fine.

Just can’t get over some of the decisions that athletes make. Both of these guys are NFL prospects and set to make a lot of money. Is it that hard to go out and have a good time without socking chicks in the face and getting into it with bouncers? I truly wonder if Hyde thought that he could rock a female and just not get in trouble, or if he knew and just did it anyway. Listen i love to have a good time as much as the next guy, but you have to understand how to get yourself out of situations that could cost you. These two are unaware of that.


-Steve Butabi


McCarron Trying to Troll Johnny Football?


Have to take a break from the Open Championship to address this gump.

We all remember his twitter battle with Darnell Dockett, and now he wreaks of jealousy as he talks mess on Johnny Football. Here is just some of the back and forth action between the pro bowl DT/DE and AJ McClownin:


It’s funny how obvious it is that Darnell Dockett was joking around because in the first tweet that started the battle he said he wanted to take Katherine Webb to Wing Stop. But AJ McCarron had to go macho man and stand up to a proven professional d-lineman. He looks like such a little prick in those tweets.

But all that is old news. The new story is AJ McCarron ripping indirect shots at the reigning Heisman trophy winner. Check out some of what he said here:

“I can’t answer on Jonny Manziel’s part. I know how I handle myself out in public, how to carry myself in front of people.” He also went on to say, “I’ve never brought any negative attention to myself, my family or the University of Alabama.”

SHOTS FIRED! It’s painfully obvious that he is trying to troll Johnny Football. If you say you’re not going to speak on another man’s business…you don’t follow it up with all of those comments. He said he’s, “Not going to speak about Johnny Manziel,” and we all know that’s because he doesn’t want to start a feud with Manziel. Why? because he knows he can’t win that battle. But he still wanted to talk shit on him, so he followed up with those pussy little indirect comments in which technically he was only talking about himself. We see right through you AJ.

Let’s also discuss how McCarron was Johnny Football’s roommate at the Manning Camp. He, “Unsuccessfully tried to wake Manziel up.” There is 0% chance he even tapped Johnny on the shoulder. No doubt in my mind he made as little noise as possible and ran right out of the room with a huge ear-to-ear smile on after he realized Johnny wasn’t up yet, because that’s the kind of guy McCarron is. He thinks his shit doesn’t stink because he as a couple of rings. Well guess what Alabama and SEC fans, you can all thank Terrelle Pryor and Jim Tressel for the NCAA sanctions on Ohio State, because if not for those sanctions it would have been ND vs. OSU in the championship this past year. Ohio State finished undefeated, and Alabama had one loss. Hmmm who was that loss to again? Oh yeah…JOHNNY FOOTBALL AND TEXAS A&M.

AJ McCarron is  obviously jealous of Johnny Football because of his Heisman, and him being a superstar. Some people will say, “Well McCarron has Katherine Webb.” Well Johnny Football gets with a different girl of Katherine Webb’s caliber every night. And i wouldn’t be surprised if Johnny hasn’t already pumped Katherine Webb full.

Congrats AJ, you rode unbelievable defenses and unreal running games to a couple of Natty Ships. You’re great at play-action passes after 4 runs in a row…you always hit your All-American WR right in stride when there’s nobody within 20 yards of him.

Keep up the good work AJ…loser.

-Steve Butabi


Johnny Football Likes to Party


So everyone is pretty worked up about Johnny Foots getting sent home from the Manning Camp huh? I’ll admit, this definitely isn’t Mr. Manziel’s first predicament. There was the bar fight his freshman year (assault charges), and the unproven rumor of sexual assault floating out there. Not to mention people are on his case for playing golf at Pebble Beach, coolin hard at the NBA Finals, crushing the casino, hanging with celebs, and going on his long media tour. But my question to you is why wouldn’t he? Kid is 20 years old in the prime of his life just living it to the fullest.

What kind of 20 year old kid says, “Ehh nahh i don’t really want to go to the NBA Finals.” “Ehhh i’m not really in the mood to hit the club and bring home a blonde bomb shell that other kids jerk off to.”

People forget that he’s still a college kid. I totally understand he’s a Heisman Trophy winner, which means that he is held to a high standard both on the field and off, but he’s not a professional. He’s not getting paid a cent (as far as we know) for his performance at Texas A&M. He’s a 20 year old white kid from a wealthy family who can straight up boogey on the football field, and it just so happens that he likes to party as well. I see no wrong.

Peep this vid of Manziel getting grilled by Joe Tessitore at SEC Media day:

“Did you drink alcohol while you were there at all,” easy there Tessitore.

Big deal, Johnny went out the previous night, got buckled, smashed a hottie and overslept. Obviously it’s not what you want your QB in the news for, but i do believe the media is blowing it all out of proportion. When we see that partying directly affects his performance on the field or his ability to lead his team, then people can make a big deal of it. But i say as long as Johnny keeps balling on the field, he should keep partying off of it.

– Steve Butabi