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Hump Day Heroes: July 24th, John McEnroe


Federer, Nadal, Agassi, Sampras… the list of tennis greats can go on, but one man stands a top of his own list, the lists of tennis legends. ┬áJohnny Mac was by far one of the funniest athletes ever to play a sport, he argued every single call that didn’t go his way.. usually while he had a ferocious afro-type thing on his head.

ImageMcEnroe was of the worst/best temper-tantrum throwers ever to step foot on any type of court. Check out this video of J-Mac ripping into a ref for a questionable out call..

and here is an epic compilation of the greatest referee-ripper of all time..

Johnny let his emotions hang on his sleeve, and that is why so many fans loved to watch him swing. If I could compare him to any NBA player it would probably be a mix of Ron Artest (not MWP) and Magic Johnson. Magic because he was unbelievably talented and Artest because he was as big of a wildcard as you can get, I mean the guy had a shorter fuse than Bob Knight…┬áJohnny Mac is a LEGEND, and was definitely one of the most entertaining athletes of all time… and lets not forget his amazing cameo in Mr. Deeds.

Go take on the rest of your wednesday, just like McEnroe would… balls out and by the horns.

– Throc Morton