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Pillowtalkers…with O’leary and I going back to school this week, it has been very difficult to get posts up. It has been chaos lately, so we decided it would be best to take a short break until we get settled in and our classes start. When we get back in our class routine, we will go back to our daily posts. In around a week and a half…

…we’ll be back.



– Steve Butabi


HDH: August 14th, Manny Ramirez

manny 1

Where to start with manny? The guy used to be able to hit the stitching off a baseball, but thats not why he’s this weeks hump day hero. Whether it was his anger issues at the plate, lack of shit-giving in the outfield, or ability to goof off no matter what the situation was, Manny was a legend. Check out this vid to get a quick reminder of how awesome he was back in the day…

if you didn’t laugh at that cutoff play than I’m not sure what you would laugh at.

If you watched that video till the end you saw him enter the Monster on a mound visit, well that wasn’t a special moment because he did it quite often.  Rumors used to circle the league saying he would use the bathroom back there all the time, and sometime just sit down and relax. Who else in baseball has the nads to just pop a squat mid-game? I know manny does.


He jumped from team to team just throwing temper tantrums and hitting mediocre, which lead to his hilarious random retirement.. which happened to be very short-lived. He was just let go by the rangers earlier today so sadly it might be the end of this smiling face.  Manny’s hall of fame chances got hurt when he failed a drug test in ’09, but for a hall of fame talent, manny had the most fun on the field, hands down. Happy hump day from the pillow talkers and Manny!

– Throc Morton

Winners/Losers of the ESPYS?


The annual ESPY awards are always one of my favorite nights in television. It is a great mix of comedy, inspiration, emotion, and of course the honoring of our modern day gladiators, the athletes.  Jon Hamm (who to be brutally honest I didn’t know who the fuck was before the show) did his best to follow some great hosts in the past.  Personally I thought he didn’t wow the audience or anything, but he kept it funny when it needed to be funny, and dropped multiple zingers when they needed to be dropped.  I mean lets be real here Manti Te’o and Dwight Howard weren’t safe no matter who the host was. He also made some excellent transitions into awards, and made it clear that he was honored to be the host. Much respect Jon. Overall, Jon didn’t go H.A.M., but Mr. Hamm earned a solid ass B.


Team Hoyt– Winning the Jimmy V Perseverance Award. Such an inspiring story. Dick Hoyt is a hero in my book, and if he isn’t inspiration to get off the couch, well then your shit out of luck.Image

Bron– Go ahead and hate him because he is missing four rings, but LBJ stood exactly where he has been standing the past 3 years… on top of the sports world. The King walked away with Best NBA Player, Best Championship Performance, Best Male Athlete, Best Game, and Best Team. Not to shabby.

Christian Ponder– Ponder got more time on ESPN tonight than he will in the next 5 years combined. The ESPYS also reminded us that although he might not turn out to be a solid QB, he is still smashing a hard 10.

Johnny Fuggin Football– Oh what is that you say? I party to much? well do you mind if I add my “best college athlete” trophy onto my list of things to break when I’m blackout. Kid throws middle fingers up like its his job.

Ray Lewis– huge victory tonight for Ray, considering he MURDERED A MAN a few years back and still gets into the building every single year.

Clowney- It’s not so much that Clowney really won tonight, but its the fact that the other options for best play were much more deserving and they got screwed… so I guess he won. But like come on that new rochelle shot was unbelievable, not to mention Jesus Shuttleworth making the most clutch NBA shot of the season, IN THE PLAYOFFS. ‘Grats Clowney on the big play.


Colin Kaepernick– yes he did win best breakout athlete, which he has no business even sniffing that award, but did you see what he was wearing.  I forget who said it but someone screamed that he looked like Bazooka Joe, and they were dead on. In the words of Shaq, “that is Hor-Awful, horrible and awful”.Image

Manti Te’o– Manti I really hope you have an unreal career, because if you don’t, you have a legitimate shot of being the most made fun of athlete of all time. Good luck buddy.

Eric Spoelstra– the only thing he really got credit for – besides losing “best coach” – is looking like Bruno Mars.  Spoe, I highly suggest you stay away from Tyler, The Creator.

Scott Van Pelt– once again SVP didn’t get invited to the ESPYS. The world is a messed up place Scotty, keep doing you.

Overall, it was another great year in sports wrapped up by the ESPYS. Heres to 364 more days of action-packed action. 

– Throc Morton

Lift Off

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