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HDH: June 25th, Donovan McNabb


one thing a lot of people don’t realize is that McNabb was actually a very good football player. Over his 13 year career he built a very strong resume, one that has even stirred up some Hall of Fame talk. 59% completion, 85.6 passer rating (NOT QBR), over 37K passing yards, over 3,400 rushing yards, and 6 trips to Hawaii. However, D-Mac will always be known for not being able to get it done on the biggest stage, and that along with the absence of the big shiny thing on his finger will very likely keep him out of Canton. That might sit sour in Donovan’s stomach for the rest of his life, but the way he played the game and had fun on the field has to bring a smile to his face. One of my favorite tunnel entrances of all time was performed by number 5 himself…

Oh, Jerry Jones wants to make us all walk through a bunch of fans and get spooked? How bout I slay the air guitar and scare the shit out of some mother and her child watching me through the glass…

He was an out of shape scrambling quarterback who could unleash 70 yard bombs off his back foot… He rarely buckled his chinstrap… He didn’t know that you could tie an NFL game… He was a Campbell’s chunky soup athlete… And he had a killer Andy Reid impression… How about the time he ran into the Giants bench and decided to pick up their QB phone and act like he was calling someone, legendary stuff. Watch this clip below of D-Mac making unreal play after unreal play, all while goofing off whenever he had the opportunity.

Truly one of the best scrambling QBs ever to do it, not to mention he was doing it before it was cool. At the end of the day McNabb had endless amounts of fun on and off the field, that’s just the type of guy he was and still is, but he was also a warrior who left his heart on the field. I will never forget this one..

So take on your Wednesday like Donovan McNabb took on every game, have a blast, but bust your ass.

– Throc Morton


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The wait is over. Myself and Throc Mortin are back in action…and what better way to get back into it than with a Hump Day Hero.

Carlos “El Toro” Zambrano was one of my favorite players in baseball during his stint in the MLB. The 6’4 275lb Venezuelan fits the mold of an HDH to perfection. He was a fiery guy that was good for an ejection, or at the bare minimum a broken bat over his knee…every game. Some ridiculous Zambrano moments include: He was told not to come into the clubhouse for 30 days, he cleaned out his locker and claimed he quit, then returned the next day, and he got in a fight with a water cooler.

This is vintage Zambrano…just some of many meltdowns.


But the thing about Zambrano…he was actually a great pitcher. He could light up the “Not top 10” for a meltdown one week, but then come back and throw a no hitter like he does here.


The other aspect to Big Z that made him a legend was his ability crush the ball. There are few things i respect more in the MLB than pitchers who can hang in there at the plate, and El Toro did more than just hang in there. Zambrano was easily the best batting pitcher in recent history. He didn’t just hit for average, he hit bombs.


So attack the rest of this hump day like Zambrano would…balls to the wall. We’re back.

– Steve Butabi


HDH: July 31st, Clinton Portis


Clinton Portis was without a doubt one of the most versatile RBs of the 2000’s… but luckily for us he was also the greatest interviewer in the history of the NFL.  That is why he is this weeks Hump Day Hero.

Every once in a while Clinton would dress up like it was halloween for his interveiws… Not only did he just dress the part, his personality would morph to fit these characters, it was always a hilarious couple of minutes to watch. Take a look below and check out some of the faces he would bring out to mess with the media.


…and here is a video of him as Dolemite Jenkins (1 of his many alter-egos)

along with Dolomite, there was… Choo Choo, Sheriff Gonna Getcha, Southeast Jerome, Coach Janky Spanky, Dolla Bill, Dr. I Don’t Know, Bro Sweets, Mr. Ruff Ruff and Dr. Do Itch Big…. This full grown (at the time) pro-bowl athlete was coming up with these redonkulous names on the regular, Imagine the names he must come up with for his campus legend in NCAA football?!?!? Kudos to Mr. Portis and his extrodinary sense of humor and ability to just not give a shit of what people think of him.

Keep grinding through your wednesday.. hopefully knowing that its totally chill to play dress up as a 30 year old man will make it easier for you, I know it is for me.

– Throc Morton


Hump Day Heroes: July 24th, John McEnroe


Federer, Nadal, Agassi, Sampras… the list of tennis greats can go on, but one man stands a top of his own list, the lists of tennis legends.  Johnny Mac was by far one of the funniest athletes ever to play a sport, he argued every single call that didn’t go his way.. usually while he had a ferocious afro-type thing on his head.

ImageMcEnroe was of the worst/best temper-tantrum throwers ever to step foot on any type of court. Check out this video of J-Mac ripping into a ref for a questionable out call..


and here is an epic compilation of the greatest referee-ripper of all time..


Johnny let his emotions hang on his sleeve, and that is why so many fans loved to watch him swing. If I could compare him to any NBA player it would probably be a mix of Ron Artest (not MWP) and Magic Johnson. Magic because he was unbelievably talented and Artest because he was as big of a wildcard as you can get, I mean the guy had a shorter fuse than Bob Knight… Johnny Mac is a LEGEND, and was definitely one of the most entertaining athletes of all time… and lets not forget his amazing cameo in Mr. Deeds.

Go take on the rest of your wednesday, just like McEnroe would… balls out and by the horns.

– Throc Morton


Hump Day Heroes: July 17th, Rasheed Wallace

As we start up our blog, we have some pretty good ideas being thrown around, I mean are you really surprised though? We are pretty much legends. That being said, we are installing a weekly post titled “Hump Day Heroes”. HDH will be bringing you some of the greatest sports characters of all time, in attempt to brighten your day and put a smile on your face.  Hopefully this installation will help you battle through the hardest day of the week, and make you laugh in the process.  Enjoy!


Today’s Hump Day Hero is one of my personal favorite athletes of all time, Rasheed Wallace.  I probably don’t even need to say much about him because the man is so damn legendary, I mean he is the only human being ever to be thrown out of the McDonald’s High School All-American Game. I mean really, if that doesn’t get you laughing than you are a misanthrope. Here are a few other reasons why Sheed is so legendary.

– He has 317 career technical fouls, that is just outstanding work, MJ couldn’t do that if he tried.

– Ball Don’t Lie http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZqHXeZ7Tyg .. One of the better catchphrases in modern day sports

– I don’t think he actually gets pumped up for games, see for yourself http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yV8dPEELruE

– People forget that he was actually an extremely solid NBA player, take a look http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OR8e35c6ebc

Hopefully Rasheed Wallace has helped you push through that final project your working on in the office or whatever the hell you are doing. If you want more of him check out youtube and have a field day.  Happy Hump Day, later fools.

– Throc Morton